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Customer Reviews

Matthieu Bühler


I was talking to quite a few agents during my apartment hunt but in the end I finished by sticking with AtHearth because of their extraordinary customer service and also persistence in finding the absolute right place for me to live. After signing the lease with my new apartment, they even set up al...

Fabien O


Nothing but positives to say about my experience with AtHearth. They have gone above and beyond to help me find a place and take care of me while I am in it.

Anytime I have questions they get back to me right away, they sort any issues I have out (especially since I don't speak Japanese). It's bee...

Rodel Jonathan Vitor II


They are very easy to talk with and they would really look for apartments that is within the range you gave to them. Nozomi is very efficient and really helps in all aspect including setting up your utilities. All in all, it's just like you will move to the apartment and everything is settled.

kiri inouye


AtHearth has been a life saver. Nozomi and the team helped us find the perfect apartment. They go above and beyond to help you through every step. Even after securing an apartment Nozomi has assisted us with setting up utilities, internet, and even a bank account. 10 star rating!

Eleazar Cinco


Highly recommended. They are friendly and very accomodating specially for those who can’t speak japanese fluently. In just short period of time, we easlily find an apartment. Again thank you Atheart😄



It’s a very comfortable place to live, with good access to the city.
I asked them to clean my air conditioner and they responded immediately and the staff was very polite and helpful.

Customer Profiles


Mohamed Aly

“AtHearth has gone far beyond an excellent real estate company. They were also a partner that gave me advice for all life aspects in Japan that ensured a very smooth and hassle-free relocation process with my family.”

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Usman Khan

"I had the experience of using their service. I would say it's simply amazing. They literally took care of everything for me.”

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