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The Process


Choose Listings


View & Apply


Ongoing Support


Sign & Prepare

1. Choose Listings

We offer you recommendations based on your answers in our property search form. Once you pick your favorite listings, our customer support team will help you sign for your next home! 

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Image by Risto Kokkonen

2. View & Apply 

We join you on your house tour and help you find your favorite property to apply to. The tips below may be useful to you when choosing where to live.

3. Sign & Pay

Our realtor staff will explain the details of your contract and fees in English. Let's clarify all of your worries and questions together before signing.

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4. Ongoing Support

We offer continued support to our customers throughout their leases. We'll help you connect gas, electricity, and water, as well as install internet service, and rental plans for furniture and home appliances are available if required.

Find an apartment in Tokyo with AtHearth

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