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Why AtHearth?

We understand the difficulties for a foreigner when looking and applying for properties in Japan – as well as challenges such as connecting utilities and renting furniture are laborious. That’s why we’ve developed a personalized and comprehensive service for our customers.


Here is AtHearth's service, which saves you time, and shows that we care.

Multilingual staff

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Our multilingual staff will assist you with all steps of the process.


Our lease documentation is also provided in English, and all other documentation is explained in English as well as Japanese.


You can ask questions during a face-to-face online or in-person meeting, so you feel thoroughly informed and comfortable to sign your lease.

The largest foreigner-friendly property database in Japan

Our specialized license allows us exclusive access to new listings, which our agents personally curate for customers.

Where up to 90% of properties listed on other real estate sites are already taken or not foreigner-friendly, we only shortlist foreigner-friendly, available properties.

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Property viewings at your convenience

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We'll arrange property viewings at times that suit your schedule, as well as accompany you to each viewing to ensure you find all the answers you need.

Easy online applications

Where traditional leasing applications often involve 4-5 pages of handwriting in Japanese and a Hanko stamp by tenants, we have streamlined this process into one comprehensive online application form, which can be completed in English.

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Assistance with moving-in and out

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We understand that moving in Tokyo can be a daunting process, which is why AtHearth offers support with connecting utilities, installing Internet, and arranging rental furniture. We would like to help make your move as smooth as possible. 

Ongoing support throughout your lease

Our support doesn’t end with the handing over keys, we support our tenants throughout the entire duration of their lease in their communication with property management. 

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Find an apartment in Tokyo with AtHearth

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