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Usman Khan
From Pakistan🇵🇰 to Tokyo🗼

Tell us about yourself

My name is Usman Khan, I'm originally from Pakistan and work as a data scientist in Tokyo. This is my second year here. I enjoy a "nomadic" lifestyle, moving from one country to another in a year or two. I was in Dubai and Amsterdam before I came here. One day I will settle down somewhere with my family, but right now I am young and find it very exciting to be on the road. I wanted to experience Japanese culture and food, and that was my motivation for coming to Japan.

What was challenging about finding an apartment in Tokyo?

First of all, I had no clue how to reach out to real estate agents and what it would cost to move in. Secondly, I didn't realize that my Japanese language ability could potentially influence my property options.  ( → click here to see more details)

How did you find out about AtHearth and why did you choose us?

When I first came to Japan, I moved into a share-house. My share mates gave me a lot of tips on how to start a life in Tokyo. After that, I met AtHearth through an apartment hunting Facebook group. I also contacted many other agents besides AtHearth.

How was the service? What was good and what was left to be desired? 

Honestly, other than AtHearth, I have not had a good experience with the agents I have contacted. For me, they were not flexible enough. I was a bit busy with my work at that time and I couldn’t find time even on the weekends to look at properties. Most of the viewings with AtHearth were in the evening hours and I really appreciated it. Also, I'm a picky person when it comes to apartment selection, but AtHearth was very patient and supported me until I found a place I liked.

If there is anything that could be improved, it would be to put more effort into marketing. I didn't know about AtHearth until more than half a year after I came to Japan. If I had known about you guys before I came to Japan, I wouldn't have even chosen a share house. It would be even better for your business if you could reach out to people who are not yet in the country.

Your message for other people looking for an apartment in Tokyo?

Ganbatte, there's so much to do! If I plan to move again, I will definitely contact AtHearth without hesitating!

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