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AtHearth helps expats
find an apartment in Tokyo

We're passionate about connecting expats in Tokyo with their next home.

Our expert real estate agents will listen to your needs, curate matching listings, and provide services to help you get settled.

We want to help make your life comfortable and fulfilling. 

Customer Reviews

Kan Lew


Through AtHearth, I was able to secure short-term housing in Tokyo for a six week internship. I had previously been unable to secure housing due to the brevity of my tenure in Japan and my inability to procure a guarantor.

The team at AtHearth were responsive, patient, and accommodating, putting al...

Rodel Jonathan Vitor II


They are very easy to talk with and they would really look for apartments that is within the range you gave to them. Nozomi is very efficient and really helps in all aspect including setting up your utilities. All in all, it's just like you will move to the apartment and everything is settled.

Sarah Hogan


The team is very helpful and informative. They will continue working with you until you find the perfect spot! As a foreigner in Japan, this team helped us navigate the market. Greatly appreciate the hard work Nozomi and Nao!

Why are only 4% of listings available on public real estate search sites? The unbelievable reality of Tokyo.

Why is it so hard to find an apartment as an expat?

Only 4% are available
for foreign expats


-The housing portals in Japan include 92% of old, outdated property information

-And half of the remaining 8% of listings are only for Japanese people

Intransparent experiences
with local agents offline


-Agents ask for mandatory trips to their company office in-person
-Unclear details about the initial costs before signing the contract, all written in Japanese

No support after moving in


-Most companies/agents do not assist with move-in
-Have to set up everything from utilities to Internet 100% by yourself

AtHearth helps you with everything

100% Expat-friendly curated listings from the largest database

Data extraction-pana.png

We curate the 4% of foreigner-friendly and up-to-date listings to save your time!
Our multilingual staff will listen to your needs and recommend several matching listings too.

Easy online applications
​with clear details


To make the process as easy as possible for you, the application process can be completed online in English.

You'll be perfectly aware of all costs upfront, so there are no hidden fees. 

Ongoing support online

Active Support-amico.png

To help make your move go smoothly, we can assist you in setting  utilities, Internet, and even furniture rentals.

We will help with communication with the landlord/building management company.

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