Our Team

With a diverse mix of personal and professional skills and experience - including living abroad - our team provides expertise and friendly support throughout the process of finding your home and helping you get settled. 

We know how important it is to find the right home in Tokyo for your personal and professional life, and treat each customer with care and respect.

AtHearth Founder & CEO



Tomonari Kino

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Grew up in American base and special needs school in Akita, experienced racism and terrorism in U.S and France. Had reversal cultural shock and decided to create AtHearth to support internationals who had problem on housing.

Jp/En/Fr - Trilingual

  • 2001:Exchange to United States, skipped the grade

  • 2004:Business major at Sophia University

  • 2009:Join Mitsubishi Coperation, in charge of Energy trading and investment

  • 2014:Engaged in nuclear preject in France for 2 years

  • 2015:Founded AtHearth Inc.

Customer Support Team

Nozomi Oki
AtHearth’s Chief Evangelist 

Mizuki Suwa  
Real Estate Notary

Nozomi Oki - AtHearth

1.Choose listings,


While in college, she participated in an international marketing competition “L’Oreal Brand Storm” which inspired her to pursue her passion for international business. After graduating from Keio University, she joined a trading company and worked for 3 years as an overseas sales associate for steel products. Later, she joined the early years of Merpay, a new cashless startup launched by Mercari, and was in charge of enterprise sales for a year. With experience in both large traditional companies and startups, she joined AtHearth in 2020 to lead the customer team.

AtHearth’s Chief Evangelist

  • 2011:Entered Keio University, the Faculty of Law

  • 2015:Joined JFE Shoji Trade Corporation

  • 2019:Joined Merpay, Inc.

  • 2020:Joined AtHearth, Inc.

Mizuki Suwa - AtHearth

3. Sign&Prepare to move-in!

Mizuki Suwa joined a major real estate rental agency in 2020 but faced the reality of the situation when she saw many foreigners being denied housing because of their foreigner status. She joined AtHearth in order to try to change the Japanese real estate industry and is currently in charge of customer contracts, ensuring that she provides explanations of Japanese leasing contracts in plain, understandable language.

Real Estate Notary

  • 2016: Studied in International Christian University, majoring in Linguistics.

  • 2020: Joined real estate agency that specializes in rentals

  • 2021: Joined AtHearth as a realtor, working in sales

AtHearth Company Profile

Company Profile

AtHearth, Inc.

Founded: Oct 1st, 2015

Capital: ¥82,010,000(Legal capital surplus included), ¥41,868,240(Legal capital surplus not included)

No. of Realtor License: 東京都知事(1)第102306号

Registration address: 〒101-0052 Imperial Ochanomizu #225, Kanda Ogawamachi 3-11-2, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Office address:

Hours: 10AM - 6PM, Monday to Sunday