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Find your next home in Tokyo with AtHearth Real Estate

AtHearth offers specialized services for foreign residents

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AtHearth's multilingual team is passionate about connecting expats living in Tokyo with an apartment that is right for them. Our expert and friendly agents find the properties that best match, show you listings and guide you through the application and moving-in process. Beyond this, you can expect AtHearth's ongoing support, to help ensure you have a fulfilling life in Tokyo. 

Why AtHearth?

Expat-Friendly Listings


Our specialized license allows us exclusive access to new listings, which our agents will curate for you into a list of best-match properties. We only shortlist foreigner-friendly, up-to-date listings, and are highly regarded for our speed and efficiency. 

Easy Online Application


We've replaced traditional, laborious, and confusing paper-based processes with an efficient online application. We'll go through the contract with you in English to make sure you are comfortable with all the fees and terms before you sign.

Ongoing Support


When it's time to move into your new home, we'll help you connect utilities and Internet, as well as arrange furniture rentals (if required). Throughout your lease, we're here to support you with all matters related to your home. 

The Process




We'll email you our property inquiry form to find out your preferences for area, budget and other requirements. Then, we'll provide recommended properties within 24 hours.

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We'll arrange viewing times for your preferred properties, at a time that suits you. An agent will join you for viewings, then help you apply. We'll continue assisting you until you find the right one.

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Applications are handled completely online, for your convenience. The forms are also in English, with the details of the contract and payment explained by our agents, so that you feel reassured and confident about the terms.

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We can help set up utilities and Internet, as well as arrange furniture and appliance rental, if required. And, we'll continue to support you throughout your time at your new AtHearth property.

Our Customers

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